“BLOG,” where did that strange word come from?

…I have wondered.

The word “blog,” according to Wikipedia,  ” is a contraction of the words Web Log (weB LOG).”  Most people already know this, I suppose.

Unfortunately, the word reminds one  of  “blah.”  Hopefully, “blog” will not become synonymous with “blah.”  ( I can see it happening – because we have so many ways to create chatter, blather and prattle – blah, blah, blah).

I will try to keep this blog from sounding like “blog, blog, blog…” I am struggling with how to keep it interesting. I will try not to present information or comment that is not inspiring or relevant.

Relevant to what – I have been asking myself?

What is it I am doing with this blog ?

I think I am using it as a place to create a direction for the larger story I would like to put together.  A blog  seems so “unconfined.”  “Unconfined” is always a good way to start. You just go where you go – which usually turns out ok.

And, to what larger story am I ultimately going with these wonderful letters and photos? To a biography, I think.

But what does that mean?

I would like to present Helen’s life  in a way that is interesting to an audience beyond our family. As is the case with all of us,  Helen is defined by historical and familial context. And, she represents her time, her place and her genes.

So – I will blog my way through not just the letters as I read them (I have just finished the 1917 letters), but I will also present the context of Helen’s life as I research pieces of it  – starting with my next post: The Hungerbeuhlers of 1520 North Franklin Street.

A big cast of characters there!

5 thoughts on ““BLOG,” where did that strange word come from?

  1. It’s a vowel thing! the ‘o’ and the ‘a’ don’t sound alike to me, but I bet they do in some accents. (Also, 1917 letters? From 1917 or you read almost 2000 letters? Both are awesome!)

    I think relevance comes from the reader. The writer (or artist) brings something into being, but it’s the readers/viewers who experience relevance. If that makes sense.

    • I obviously did not read almost 2000 letters…Blog and blah don’t exactly sound the SAME – but are sound similar in way and make you FEEL kind of the same thing.

      Relevance – yes, but the writer has to open that connection. thanks for participating – my “Blog Master!”

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